My Downloads Update for Google Chrome

It’s probably not a surprise that English is the most popular language that our users use — but today, we published an update (v0.0.1.1721) to the Google Chrome Web Store for the My Downloads extension. My Downloads for Google Chrome is now available with loads of new languages, some minor tweaks and fixes to existing language files. It adds 19 more languages thus making a total of 24 supported languages.

Enjoy My Downloads even more by choosing from any of the following languages;

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Bengali
  • Catalan
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • German
  • English (Great Britain) – Updated
  • English (USA) – Updated
  • Spanish
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • Filipino
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Russian
  • Chinese (China)

There are still rough spots — notably with providing the right context around the phrases to be translated, and the speed with which we get new translations out. We plan to address these and incorporate further improvements to the comprehensiveness of our translations and the ease of submitting translations.

But 24 languages is a respectable number, and evidence of the amount of (much appreciated!) effort our users have put into improving the global My Downloads experience. We’re proud of what has been accomplished so far, and excited to see My Downloads’ internationalization support expand in coverage and accuracy in the coming months.

So if you don’t see your language in the list of already available ones, or if you are not happy with the existing translations, come translate with us to make My Downloads even better!

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