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Announcing IP Address Tool – Now available on the Chrome Web Store!

IP Address Tool v0.0.1.1123 © JordanTBH Technologies

IP Address Tool v0.0.1.1123 © JordanTBH Technologies

Introducing the release of IP Address Tool for the Google Chrome web browser. This tool is to allow very quick and easy access to view your;

  • Public IP Address
  • Proxy IP
  • Proxy Host
  • With more additional information in feature updates..

It’s handy for web developers that need to find out their IP address – quickly. We will be adding more features to the extension very soon.

Time Saver
On average it takes about 4.9 – 7.5 seconds to open a new tab (Chrome) and search “IP” or “My IP” to find out your current IP address. This will take even longer if your search engine isn’t set to Google search and if you use the address bar (sometimes called the “omnibox”) as the search box or not. *

Pricing and Availability
The IP Address Tool is available right now for Windows & Mac at no charge on the Google Chrome Web Store worldwide. Currently, not supported on Chrome for iOS or Android.

Supported Language
IP Address Tool is currently available in the following languages – It will be available in other languages in upcoming releases;

  • en – English
  • en_GB – English (Great Britain)
  • en_US – English (USA)
  • es – Spanish

Download Options
You can download now via the Google Chrome Web Store

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– JordanTBH Technologies
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The Boring Legal Stuff:
* Enable the Instant Chrome feature to get even quicker results from the address bar (sometimes called the “omnibox”)
© JordanTBH Technologies Software 2013, All Rights Reserved.