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Software Update Tool Update for Windows

We have published an update for our Software Update Tool (1.1442) This update addresses several issues reported by customers in the 1.1437 release.

  • Fixed the broken Icon in the Programs and Features (Vista) / Uninstall a program (7)
  • Update Manager UI improvements
  • Other tab fixed (text would render off screen for some reason)

JordanTBH Technologies Software Update Tool

Today, we are announcing an update to our Software Update Tool. It’s been a whole (long) year since we made any changes to the program – but today we are proud to release it’s first update. It’s been updated to version 1.1437 – The first update since its first release in January last year and it has come a long way since then and we are proud of the handy little tool. This update includes;

    • New design
    • Windows Installer (see below)
    • Uninstall option
    • End-user license agreement (EULA)
    • Smaller start-up screen
    • Less memory usage
    • Company name changed to reflect on the changes we made last year
    • Two new apps added to the “other app” tab *
    • Menu improvements with icons, developer blog and API.
    • Update Manager – This has been updated to version 1.5 (1.5.0) previous was out dated by 15 months, sorry!
    • Mirror bug fixes
    • General changes such as copyright year

The major update to this release is that it now includes a Windows Installer (MSI) to install the program as this makes it much easier and allows you to Uninstall the program via “Programs and Features” and adds a desktop shortcut with a start menu shortcut.

* (C) Google Chrome – (F) Firefox – (W) Windows


– JordanTBH Technologies
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