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Download Hub – New Interface

Download Hub New Interface

Download Hub – New Interface

If you recently visited our Download Hub website, you probably noticed the new design. We’re rather excited about the new design – and it comes with several improvements and features. The new design is much more modern and friendly.

So, what’s new?

  • It’s been designed with mobiles and tablets in mind
  • We’ve added a cool maintenance feature which will allow us to take the site offline for a short time safety
  • Cleaner fonts, colours and retina ready
  • We’ve used the updated framework (3.x)
  • We added a content delivery network (CDN) with caching for faster, better loading!

Bugs, Ideas & feedback
With this new website and design we’re aware you may run into a few bugs such as broken links from old posts and websites and our Chrome Extensions (these will be updated within the next few weeks). We’ve kept as many links as possible the same, but if you find any bugs please report them via the official bug tracking system. We love feedback from everyone! We will continue to make changes over the next couple of months we always take your feedback on board.

– JordanTBH Technologies
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The Boring Legal Stuff:
© JordanTBH Technologies Software 2014, All Rights Reserved.

JordanTBH Technologies Software Update Tool

Today, we are announcing an update to our Software Update Tool. It’s been a whole (long) year since we made any changes to the program – but today we are proud to release it’s first update. It’s been updated to version 1.1437 – The first update since its first release in January last year and it has come a long way since then and we are proud of the handy little tool. This update includes;

    • New design
    • Windows Installer (see below)
    • Uninstall option
    • End-user license agreement (EULA)
    • Smaller start-up screen
    • Less memory usage
    • Company name changed to reflect on the changes we made last year
    • Two new apps added to the “other app” tab *
    • Menu improvements with icons, developer blog and API.
    • Update Manager – This has been updated to version 1.5 (1.5.0) previous was out dated by 15 months, sorry!
    • Mirror bug fixes
    • General changes such as copyright year

The major update to this release is that it now includes a Windows Installer (MSI) to install the program as this makes it much easier and allows you to Uninstall the program via “Programs and Features” and adds a desktop shortcut with a start menu shortcut.

* (C) Google Chrome – (F) Firefox – (W) Windows


– JordanTBH Technologies
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